About Us


TalkToJesus is a ministry of Oluwaseun Cephas Digital Ministry (OCDM)

The mandate of OCDM is to take Jesus Digital. TalkToJesus extends this mandate with a platform where people can come to the knowledge of Jesus in the digital world.

Digital evangelism is made possible with the TalkToJesus website. People can be directed here to witness the love of God through Jesus and make a decision to accept and believe Jesus. All converts are linked to a local church after a little discipleship course we have prepared for them.

In TalkToJesus, we also pray with people who need help in one way or the other with the faith we have in Jesus, we believe whatever we ask in His name, He will answer us.

This is also a community where we share the word of God together. Our Bible study classes include subjects on courtship, evangelism, addiction, depression, and spiritual maturity.

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